Clemens Kuratle – Murmullo


Format: CD (4panel Digifile and Poster)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/005 Barcode: 4260465320051
Release Date: Dec. 2015 Total Running Time: 46:05


Resignation (08:19)
Rafi’s Song (04:43)
Trotz (09:04)
Lament (06:50)
To The Holy Land (08:53)
Aufbruch (04:03)
Linse (03:59)

Clemens Kuratle drums, composition
John Voirol tenor saxophone, bamboophone
Franz Hellmüller guitar
Flo Weiss trombone
Rafael Jerjen double bass

All songs written by Clemens Kuratle except “Linse” written by Moritz Wesp.
Produced by Clemens Kuratle
Co-Produced by Chris Diggelmann
Mixed by Chris Diggelmann
Mastered by Serge Christen

Serigraphy: Thomas Probst
Graphic: Florine Baeriswyl

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Product Description

Die Stärke dieses Album ist der Bandsound Pirmin Bossart Jazz’n More (Aug 2016)