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Murmur is the expression, for a dark sound or whispering. With John Voirol and Franz Hellmüller in his band the young swiss drummer has surrounded himself with two of Switzerland’s long time Jazz giants, along side Australian bass talent Rafael Jerjen – making this debut anything but a whispering statement. Prepare yourself for deep grooving sounds, rock shaking beats and free Jazz antics. Recorded and mastered in old fashioned fully analogy tradition and packed in a handmade serigraphic print this recording and this band resembles everything that Jazz was ever about.

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Upcoming Shows:
1. May. 2017 Bierhübeli, Bern, Switzerland
4. May. 2017 Jazz im Safe, Basel, Switzerland
5. May. 2017 Chöessitheater, Liechtensteig
6. May. 2017 Zum Hut, Uster, Switzerland
18. May. 2017 Musig am Zürisee, Switzerland
27. May. 2017 Kleine Leckerbissen, Luzern, Switzerland
1. Jun. 2017 Mahogany Hall, Bern, Switzerland
12. Jun. 2017 Commihalle, Zürich, Switzerland
13. Jun. 2017 Mahogany Hall, Bern, Switzerland
19. Jun. 2017 Jazzkantine, Luzern, Switzerland
21. Jun. 2017 Fête de la Musique, Switzerland
24. Jun. 2017 Kulturtage, Thalwil, Switzerland
30. Jun. 2017 Hottingerplatzfest, Zürich, Switzerland