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Woodlander – Calvins Toboggan
Woodlander – Calvins Toboggan
Woodlander – Calvins Toboggan
Format: CD (6 page Digipack + booklet)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/022 Barcode: 4260465320228
Release Date: Mar. 2017 Total Running Time: 45:58 min


Auren (4:05)
Toboggan (4:42
Advancement (3:49)
Hieronymus (4:52)
Nach am Schlaf (5:25)
Bart (4:53)
Fahrradfahren (3:41)
Flash Da Trash (3:48)
Linie (4:59)
Harmoniumlied (3:50)
Auren Reprise (1:54)

Mats Spillmann – trumpet
Jonas Ruther – drums
Luzius Schuler – piano

All Songs written by Luzius Schuler
Recording, mix and master by Martin Ruch
Illustration and artwork by Andrea Peter

Foto by Simon Habegger

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Marie Kruttli – Running After The Sun
Marie Kruttli – Running After The Sun
Format: Vinyl (140g Jacket), CD (Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/019 Barcode:
Release Date: 24. Feb. 2017 Total Running Time: 50 min


Istanbul dort (07:55)
Balancing on a Wall (07:27)
Running After The Sun (04:02)
Windy (08:08)
Kambly Swing (04:40)
Contemplative Birds (05:44)
Pocahontas (06:06)
Sailing Day (05:28)

Marie Kruttli – Piano
Lukas Traxel – Double Bass
Martin Perret – Drums

All Songs written by Marie Kruttli 

Recorded at P4 Studio by Marco Birkner (February 2016) in Berlin. Mixed by Marco Birkner (Mai 2016). Mastered by Manuel Egger at Suburban Sound in Winterthur (September 2016)

Artwork: Florine Baeriswyl

Marie on QFTF

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Pauline Ganty – Après
Pauline Ganty – Après
Format: Vinyl (140g Jacket), CD (Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/021 Barcode:
Release Date: 24. Feb. 2017 Total Running Time: 34:03 min


Tomorrow’s Child (02:47)
Under the Moon (04:08)
They Say (03:33)
New Senses (05:20)
L’Hêtre (04:20)
The Last Goodbye (04:54)
Way to Blue (04:37)
After (04:24)

Pauline Ganty – Voice
Fabien Iannone – Double Bass
Dominic Egli – Drums, Indian Harmonium
Noé Macary – Piano

All Songs written by Pauline Ganty except Way to Blue written by Nick Drake.  

Recorded by Gérard de Haro on the 29th of august 2016 till the 31st of august 2016 at the Studio de la Buissonne in Pernes-les-Fontaines.

Artwork: Mario Klemm

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Joanna Sternberg – Lullaby To Myself
Joanna Sternberg – Lullaby To Myself
Format: Download
Catalog Nr: QFTF/010 Barcode: 4260465320105
Release Date: 03. Feb. 2017 Total Running Time: 29:30 min


Without You (2:10)
He Dreams (3:15)
I’ll Make You Mine (3:14)
The Song (4:15)
The Love I Give (2:02)
Lullaby To Myself (4:45)
A Country Dance (2:56)
It Happens To Be A Boy – or Girl (2:13)
I’ve Got Me (2:22)
I Will Be With You (2:13)

Joanna Sternberg – Voice, Guitar
All Songs written by Joanna Sternberg

Recorded and Mixed by Alex P. Wernquest
Mastered by Jon Hildenstein

Artwork: Florine Baeriswyl
Foto: Tayla Nebesky

Joanna on QFTF

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Jessanna Nemitz – Oh My Deer
Jessanna Nemitz – Oh My Deer
Format: Download
Catalog Nr: QFTF/011 Barcode: 4260465320112
Release Date: 16. Dec. 2016 Total Running Time: 24:23min


Intro (1:35)
Merry-Go-Round (5:52)
Vestiges (3:52)
Little Dog’s Blues (3:38)
Surcre D’orge (3:43)
Inspritation (5:45)

Jessanna Némitz voice, guitar, piano, kalimba
Babtiste Maier drums, piano, backings

All songs written by Jessanna Némitz and/or Baptiste Maier. Recorded and mixed by Christoph Noth. 

Artwork by Jessica Fallait.

Available on Itunes here

Jessanna on QFTF

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Niculin Janett – No Parking Any Time (feat. Rich Perry)
Niculin Janett – No Parking Any Time (feat. Rich Perry)
Format: Vinyl (140g Jacket), CD (Jewelcase with backpanel and 4page booklet)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/016 Barcode: 4260465320167
Release Date: 09. Dec. 2016 Total Running Time: 58 min


Body and Soul (07:57)
Alternate Ending (07:10)
30 Orchard Street (06:35)
Purcell’s Revenge (06:45)
Hypocrisy (04:02)
Exclamation (07:56)
The Importance of Being Idle (07:27)
I’ll Be Seeing You (10:00)

Niculin Janett alto Saxophone
Rich Perry tenor Saxophone
Lisa Hoppe standup bass
Rodrigo Recabarren drums

All Songs written by Niculin Janett except 1 (Green), 2/7 L. Hoppe, 8 (Fain)

Recorded Sep.11, 12 2015 at Big Orange Sheep Studios, Brooklyn, NY. Engineered, mixed and masterd by Mike Perez-Cisneros.

Photos: Edward Grams, NYC
Artwork: Florine Baerswyl, CH.

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Lucerne Jazz Orchestra – Oaktree
Lucerne Jazz Orchestra – Oaktree
Format: Vinyl (140g Jacket), CD (4panel Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/017 Barcode: 4260465320174
Release Date: Dec. 2016 Total Running Time: 40:30


Close Contact (08:00)
So real (09:01)
Souvenir (08:47)
Oaktree (07:32)
Yeah Mueter (07:10)

Reeds: Florian Egli, Tobias Meier, Rafael Schilt, Tobias Pfister, Matthias Tschopp Trumpets: Dave Blaser, Julian Hesse, Nolan Quinn, Aurel Nowak Trombones: Lukas Wyss, Maurus Twerenbold, Silvio Cadotsch, Lucas Würz Piano: Luzius Schuler Guitar: Samuel Leipold Bass: Lukas Traxel Drums: Jonas Ruther Vocals: Karin Meier Musical Director: David Grottschreiber

Close Contact (David Grottschreiber), So Real (Jeff Buckley/Michel Tighe, arr. Aurel Nowak), Souvenir (Matthias Spillmann), Oaktree (Karin Meier, arr. David Grottschreiber), Yeah Mueter (Rafael Schilt, arr. David Grottschreiber)

Recorded at Hardstudios Winterthur, Switzerland on July 4th 2015 by Andreas Neresheimer. Mixed and Mastered by Andreas Neresheimer. Producer: David Grottschreiber, Executive Producer: Peter Bürli

Graphic Design: Fabio Parizzi

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Salvo Palermo’s Igor – 0=∞ ∞=0
Salvo Palermo’s Igor – 0=∞ ∞=0
Format: CD (4panel Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/015 Barcode: 4260465320150
Release Date: Nov. 2016 Total Running Time: 58:20


Le Chemin (08:23)
Voisinage (04:03)
Pailiki (04:41)
Il Mago (10:38)
13 (05:39)
La Bougie (04:41)
Passé Simple (06:06)
Piece of Cake (06:06)
Aérien (08:03)

Salvo Palermo guitar
Julien Lemoine vibraphone
Alvaro Soto upright bass
Louis Billette soprano saxophone
Basile Rosselet tenor saxophone
Giacomo Reggiani drums

All songs written by Salvo Palermo.

Recording: Greg Dubuis, Studio du Flon, Lausanne, Mix: Manuel Egger, Suburban Sound, Winterthur, CH Mastering: Samuel Chapuis, Studio Mécanique, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Graphic Design: Fabio Parizzi, Photography: Lea Kunz

Graphic: Fabio Parizzi

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Joscha Schraff – Lonely Machines
Joscha Schraff – Lonely Machines
Format: CD (4panel Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/018 Barcode: 4260465320181
Release Date: Nov. 2016 Total Running Time: 56:05


Metamorphosis (08:40)
Departure (04:42)
Goodbye (04:59)
Lonely Machines (10:42)
Back Home (07:20)
Purcell's Revenge (05:46)
Memories So Far (06:41)
Still There (07:15)

Joscha Schraff piano
Niculin Janett  alto saxophone
Mo Meyer bass
Paul Amereller drums

All Songs written and arranged by Joscha Schraff except Purcell's Revenge by Niculin Janett
Recorded at Hardstudios, Winterthur CH by Andy Neresheimer, Dec 2015
Mixed at Bass Hit Studios, NYC by Dave Darlington, May 2016
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by Greg Calbi, May 2016

Photo: Dr. Rudolf H. Beck
Graphic: Florine Baeriswyl

Available on Itunes here
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Matthew Sheens – Cloud Appreciation Day
Matthew Sheens – Cloud Appreciation Day
Format: Vinyl (Jacket) CD (4panel Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/020 Barcode: 4260465320204
Release Date: Sep. 2016 Total Running Time: 51:13


Rage Against The Dying Of The Light (06:26)
Names (06:28)
Interlude #1: Rage (01:48)
First Orbit (04:59)
Cumulonimbus Society (05:30)
Interlude #2: Orbit
A Midsummer Nightmare (04:54)
Cloud Appreciation Day (05:33)
Life Measured In Haircuts (03:36)
Interlude #3: Cloud (02:09)
Last Poem (05:08)

Matthew Sheens piano
Gian Slater, Aubrey Johnson, Lauren Roth,Tomas Cruz, David Lang  voice
John Patitucci, Alex Boneham bass
Kenneth Salters, Tim Firth drums
Alex Goodman guitar

All Songs written and arranged by Matthew Sheens
Recorded at Studio 301, Sydney, Australia (2014), The Samurai Hotel, Queens, NY (2016
Big Orange Sheep, Brooklyn NY (2016).
Engineered by Jonathan Baker, David Stoller, Kevin Frias and Michael Perez-Cisneros.
Mixed and Mastered by David Darlington at Bass Hit Studios, NYC

Graphic and Photo: Fabio Parizzi

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Camille-Alban Spreng – Odil – Something
Camille-Alban Spreng – Odil – Something
Format: CD (4panel Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/013 Barcode: 4260465320036
Release Date: Jun. 2016 Total Running Time: 34:18


Noirmout’ (intro) (02:55)
Hip is dead (05:39)
Avishel Codou (04:16)
Hübschi Biel w/ Sam Comerford (04:16)
EIGHT (05:54)
Jofraise (04:31)
Something to be done (02:09)
Noirmout’ Harbour (04:22)

Camille-Alban Spreng piano, keyboards
Geoffrey Fiorese keyboards, piano
Tom Bourgeois alto/tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Paul Berne drums

All compositions and arrangements by Camille-Alban Spreng.
Produced by Camille-Alban Spreng and QFTF.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vincent de Bast at Gam Studio, Waimes, Belgium

Graphic: Sébastien Gairaud

Available on Itunes here
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Louis Billette quintet – Immersion
Louis Billette quintet – Immersion
Format: CD (4panel Digipack and 8page booklet)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/009 Barcode: 4260465320099
Release Date: May. 2016 Total Running Time: 31:48


Joie (02:37)
Immersion (05:31)
Goutte d’Eau (05:46)
Image d’Avenir (06:40)
Il Etait une Foi (05:00)
Cadeau (05:59)

Louis Billette saxophone, composition
Zacharie Ksyk trumpet
François Lana piano
Blaise Hommage bass
Marton Kiss drums

All Songs written by Louis Billette de Villemeur.
Recorded at Blend Studio, Lutry.
Mixed by François Lana in Zürich.
Mastered by Emil Spanyi at LDF studio, Paris.

Photos: Reto Andreoli
Graphic: Fabio Parizzi

Available on Itunes here
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