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Donat Fisch – Schlitten
Donat Fisch – Schlitten
Format: CD (4 page Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/029 Barcode: 4260465320396
Release Date: October 2017 Total Running Time: 42:25 min


Jitterburg Waltz (5:02) (Fats Waller, 1942) 
Sweet Lorraine (6:06) (Cliff Burwell/ Mitchell Parish, 1928)
I’m Getting Sentimental Over You (4:53) (George Bassmann/ Ned Washington, 1932)
Day Dream (5:58) (Strayhorn/Ellington/La Touche, 1941)
Misterioso (4:50) (Thelonious Monk, 1948) Bemsha Swing (6:10) (Thelonious Monk/Denzil Best, 1952)
I Want To Be Happy (4:06) ( Vincent Youmans/Irving Caesar, 1925)
Bill (5:02) (Jerome Kern/P.G. Wodehouse, 1917;rev. 1927)

William Evans  piano
Donat Fisch – alto and tenor saxophone
Andy Scherrer – tenor saxophone
Bänz Oester  upright bass
Jorge Rossy – drums

Recording, Mix and Master: Daniel Dettwiler and Beni Gut | Recorded 27. Sep. 2015 at Jazz Campus Basel | Mixed and Mastered at Idee und Klang Studio, Basel | Graphic-design: Corinne Hächler (adapted from Don Schlitten | Produced by Tom Gsteiger

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Samuel Leipold Quartet – Sous-Entendus
Samuel Leipold Quartet – Sous-Entendus
Format: CD (4 pages Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/030 Barcode: 4260465320365
Release Date: October 2017 Total Running Time: 52:34 min


Drei Kurze Stücke #4 (3:51)
Nocturnal (6:29)
Am Kanal (7:21)
Horst Vormals Gisela (8:25)
Kinderlied (5:55)
Kanon (5:47)
Etüde (7:35)
The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar (6:19)

Samuel Leipold – guitar, composition, arrangement
Tony Bechtold – saxophone
Lukas Traxel – upright bass
Samuel Büttiker – drums

All Music written and arranged by Samuel Leipold except #8 by Morton Feldman.

Recorded 23. and 24.  Sep. 2016 by Valentin Liechti and Manuel Egger at SuburbanSound Winterthur. Mixed and Mastered by Manuel Egger.

#8 recorded, mixed and mastered 17. Mar. 2017 by Florian Schneider.

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Marco Boettger – En Avril
Marco Boettger – En Avril
Format: CD (4 page Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/024 Barcode: 4260465320280
Release Date: May 2017 Total Running Time: 46:06 min


An einem dieser Tag (6:11)
Frühlingserwachen (6:57)
Avril (3:49)
letzte Sommernacht (5:36)
Petite Melodie (7:04)
Kerzenschein (2:47)
Lichter dieser Stadt (5:06)
Joy spring (2:04)
Himmelweit (6:17)

Marco Boettger  guitar
Harald Oeler – accordeon
Christoph Gottwald  bass
Jo Fingerhut  drums

All songs written and arranged by Marco Boettger except “Joy Spring” written by Clifford Brown.

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Yukari – Synchronic
Yukari – Synchronic
Format: CD (4 page Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/025 Barcode: 4260465320334
Release Date: September 2017 Total Running Time: 44:30 min


Les Oiseaux (3:58)
Synchronic (3:44)
Celestial (4:26)
Hurricane (4:23)
Brooklyn Forest (6:43)
To Be (4:59)
Tasogare (7:58)
363 (4:18)
Union (4:58)
Ocean Avenue (4:02)

Yukari  – flute, alto flute, bass flute 
Thomas Morgan
 – bass
Satoshi Takeishi – drums

All Songs written by YUKARI tracks 3,6,7,9,10 are improvised. Recorded at Park West Studios in Brooklyn by Jim Clouse. Mixed and mastered by Joseph Branciforte. Photography by Gael Curty. Artwork by Martin Fellmann. YUKARI uses Pearl Flutes.

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Windisch – Drama
Windisch – Drama
Format: CD (4 page Digisleeve)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/028 Barcode: 4260465320389
Release Date: June 2017 Total Running Time: 54:33 min


Drama (10:25)
Achtung (6:37)
Nein Danke (6:51)
New (5:03)
Swing (5:42)
Seoul (7:06)
Orientierungslosigkeit (5:28)
Blue (7:21)

Julius Windisch  – piano, rhodes, composition
Nicola Habegger – trumpet
Michael Gilsenan – tenor sax
Bidu Rüegsegger – electric bass
Philipp Leibundgut – drums
Gino Carigiet – voice (on track 1)
Dimitri Howald – electric guitar (on track 1)

All Music written and arranged by Julius Windisch.  Recorded and mixed by Chris Diggelman. Mastered by Manuel Egger at Suburban Sound Winterthur.

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Nika Project – Elusive
Nika Project – Elusive
Format: CD (6 page Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/027 Barcode: 4260465320372
Release Date: Mai 2017 Total Running Time: 54:02 min


Something New (5:31)
Cold (6:00)
I Guess Your Love Will Remain (5:10)
Moving Too Fast (5:17)
Time (4:52)
Moments (5:07)
Highs And Lows (5:17)
Deep Green Eyes (5:56)
It’s Spring Again (5:22)
My Dream My Home (5:24)

Veronika Griesslehner  – voice, composition, arrangement
Fabian Supancic – piano
Thomas Wilding – bass
Roland Hanslmeier – drums

All Music written and arranged by Veronika Giesslehner. All Lyrics by Veronika Giesslehner.

Recorded by Ulrich Katzenberger. Mixed and Mastered by Werner Angerer. Photography by Johanna Bauer

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Elisa Day – Atme und Zähle bis Zehn
Elisa Day – Atme und Zähle bis Zehn


Format: CD (4 page Digipack + Booklet)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/027 Barcode: 4260465320358
Release Date: 2017 Total Running Time: 38:14 min


Atme und Zähle bis Zehn (5:17)
Perhaps Strange (4:45)
Otto’s Mops (2:06)
Das Huhn und das Knie (4:06)
Der Werwolf (1:39)
Federleichte Federflocken (5:45)
Blackboard Story in New York (4:09)
Der Panther (2:38)
Los (4:58)
Giants (2:44)

Isabelle Ritter * – voice
Nils Fischer – contrabass-clarinet, sopranosax
Lukas Frei – trumpet, flügelhorn
Florian Favre – piano, fender rhodes
Jeremias Keller – electric bass
Christoph Steiner – drums
*ukulele (10), toy Piano & piano (5&8), synths (2&7)

All Music written and arranged by Isabelle Ritter. All Lyrics by Isabelle Ritter except Perhaps Strange by Kurt Schwitters, Otto’s Mops by Ernst Jandl, Das Huhn und das Knie & Der Werwolf by Christian Morgenstern, Der Panther by Rainer Maria Rilke

Recorded by Chris Diggelmann – das Klangereignis at Mazzive Sound Productions. Mixed by Marc FUCK in Berlin Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann in Berlin. Produced by Isabelle Ritter. Art Direction, Editing, Graphics by Nicole Pfister Photography by Marco Finsterwald

Kurt Schwitters “Perhaps Strange” aus: ders., Die literarischen Weke Band 1: Lyrik, S.151 © 1974 DuMont Buchverlag, Köln und Ernst Schwitters Stiftung, Hannover Ernst Jandl, Werke in 6 Bänden (Neuausgabe), hrsg. von Klaus Siblewski © 2016 Luchterhand Literaturverlag, München, in der Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH

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Fraktal – Polarisation Of Light
Fraktal – Polarisation Of Light
Fraktal – Polarisation Of Light
Format: CD (4 page Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/023 Barcode: 4260465320235
Release Date: 28. Apr. 2017 Total Running Time: 74:16 min


From Source To Shore (6:18)
Polarisation Of Light (7:49)
Pilgrimage (8:48)
Striving (7:43)
Mitosis (9:07)
Farfalla (7:37)
Falena (5:15)
Odd (6:33)
Binney‘s Gospel (8:39)
Finding Home (6:26)

Jan Herzog – guitar
Andrea Nydegger – vocals
Christof Mahnig – trumpet, flugelhorn
Tobias Pfister – tenorsaxophone, bassclarinet
Daniel McAlavey – piano
Hannes Fankhauser – doublebass
Ricardo Castillo – drums

All Songs written and arranged by Jan Herzog.

Recording Engineer: Benjamin Gut Mixing & Mastering by Daniel Dettwiler 2nd Mixing-Engineer: Benjamin Gut Assistant Engineer: Julian Burgschweiger. Recorded at Jazzcampus, Basel. Mixed and mastered at Idee und Klang Studio, Basel

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Woodlander – Calvins Toboggan
Woodlander – Calvins Toboggan
Woodlander – Calvins Toboggan
Format: CD (6 page Digipack + booklet)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/022 Barcode: 4260465320228
Release Date: Mar. 2017 Total Running Time: 45:58 min


Auren (4:05)
Toboggan (4:42
Advancement (3:49)
Hieronymus (4:52)
Nach am Schlaf (5:25)
Bart (4:53)
Fahrradfahren (3:41)
Flash Da Trash (3:48)
Linie (4:59)
Harmoniumlied (3:50)
Auren Reprise (1:54)

Mats Spillmann – trumpet
Jonas Ruther – drums
Luzius Schuler – piano

All Songs written by Luzius Schuler
Recording, mix and master by Martin Ruch
Illustration and artwork by Andrea Peter

Foto by Simon Habegger

Available on Itunes | JPC

Woodlander on QFTF

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Marie Kruttli – Running After The Sun
Marie Kruttli – Running After The Sun
Format: Vinyl (140g Jacket), CD (Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/019 Barcode:
Release Date: 24. Feb. 2017 Total Running Time: 50 min


Istanbul dort (07:55)
Balancing on a Wall (07:27)
Running After The Sun (04:02)
Windy (08:08)
Kambly Swing (04:40)
Contemplative Birds (05:44)
Pocahontas (06:06)
Sailing Day (05:28)

Marie Kruttli – Piano
Lukas Traxel – Double Bass
Martin Perret – Drums

All Songs written by Marie Kruttli 

Recorded at P4 Studio by Marco Birkner (February 2016) in Berlin. Mixed by Marco Birkner (Mai 2016). Mastered by Manuel Egger at Suburban Sound in Winterthur (September 2016)

Artwork: Florine Baeriswyl

Marie on QFTF

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Pauline Ganty – Après
Pauline Ganty – Après
Format: Vinyl (140g Jacket), CD (Digipack)
Catalog Nr: QFTF/021 Barcode:
Release Date: 24. Feb. 2017 Total Running Time: 34:03 min


Tomorrow’s Child (02:47)
Under the Moon (04:08)
They Say (03:33)
New Senses (05:20)
L’Hêtre (04:20)
The Last Goodbye (04:54)
Way to Blue (04:37)
After (04:24)

Pauline Ganty – Voice
Fabien Iannone – Double Bass
Dominic Egli – Drums, Indian Harmonium
Noé Macary – Piano

All Songs written by Pauline Ganty except Way to Blue written by Nick Drake.  

Recorded by Gérard de Haro on the 29th of august 2016 till the 31st of august 2016 at the Studio de la Buissonne in Pernes-les-Fontaines.

Artwork: Mario Klemm

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Joanna Sternberg – Lullaby To Myself
Joanna Sternberg – Lullaby To Myself
Format: Download
Catalog Nr: QFTF/010 Barcode: 4260465320105
Release Date: 03. Feb. 2017 Total Running Time: 29:30 min


Without You (2:10)
He Dreams (3:15)
I’ll Make You Mine (3:14)
The Song (4:15)
The Love I Give (2:02)
Lullaby To Myself (4:45)
A Country Dance (2:56)
It Happens To Be A Boy – or Girl (2:13)
I’ve Got Me (2:22)
I Will Be With You (2:13)

Joanna Sternberg – Voice, Guitar
All Songs written by Joanna Sternberg

Recorded and Mixed by Alex P. Wernquest
Mastered by Jon Hildenstein

Artwork: Florine Baeriswyl
Foto: Tayla Nebesky

Joanna on QFTF

Available on Itunes
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